Ed Nofziger

Bible Science Newsletter, January 1974

Ed Nafziger, chairman of the Seattle branch chapter is a public school teacher who holds a Master's degree in Zoology. Roy Smith, treasurer of the chapter, is also a public school teacher. These men were asked to make a presentation for creationism at a regional meeting of science teachers in the State of Washington. Their talks were well received, and they were asked to return for future presentation.

We give a summary of their presentation. Man has always wondered about origins. Almost universally the theory of organic evolution is the accepted explanation for origins in the educational system, but this explanation is now being challenged by qualified scientists and by some teachers.

Some time was devoted to definitions, with "evolution" referring to the general theory of evolution, or the molecules-to-man theory of evolution. According to this theory all living things have arisen by naturalistic mechanistic evolutionary processes, over long epochs of time, from a single living source which itself had arisen from inanimate matter. This macroevolution, or megaevolution, must be distinguished from limited observable changes in living organisms which is sometimes referred to as microevolution, or the special theory of evolution.

The term "creation" or "special creation" refers to the postulate that all basic animal and plant kinds were brought into being quite suddenly by a Creator, through special processes not operating today. These created living forms had the inherent potential for variation within the limits of each created kinds.

Examples are cited why evolution is not scientific. Science emphasizes experimental repeatability, reproducibility, and predictability, e.g., G.G. Simpson says that "science is self-testing and self correcting... by means of observations that can be repeated with essentially the same results ... by the same methods and with the same approach." Therefore, no empirical scientist can know about the origin of matter or life. Neither evolution nor special creation can qualify as an empirical science; both are a belief, faith, and a religion. Thus special creation is no more religious than evolution and is no less scientific than evolution.


Creation Model
Sudden appearance in great variety of high complex forms.

Sudden appearance of each created kind with ordinal characteristics complete.

Sharp boundaries between major taxonomic groups.

No transitional forms.

Regular and systematic gaps between forms.

Evolution Model
Gradual change of simplest forms into more and more complex forms.

Transitional series linking all categories.

No systematic gaps.


Creation Model
Creation by fiat.

Creation - a sudden act.

Creation of basic plant and animal kinds.

Ordinal characteristics complete in first representatives.

Variation and speciation limited within its kind.

Creation by act of Creator.

Evolution Model
By naturalistic mechanistic processes due to inherent properties in matter.

Origin of all life from a single source arising from inanimate matter.

Origin of each kind from an ancestral form by slow and gradual change.

Unlimited variation.

All froms genetically related.

The presentation then proceeds with examples from the Grand Canyon where in passing the transition between the Cambrian and Precambrian formations, there is not a single, indisputable fossil to be found in the older Precambrian rocks. Evolutionist estimate that the complex Cambrian fauna would require 1.5 billion years to evolve, yet not one fossil has been found as supporting evidence. Many sections of sedimentary rock (over 5000 feet) are known to lie in unbroken succession below strata containing the earliest Cambrian fossils. These sediments apparently were suitable for the preservation of fossils because they are often identical with overlying rocks which are fossilferous, yet no fossils are found in them. ... If molecules-to-man evolution occurred, there must be fossils found of the ancestors of the Cambrian fauna, representative of the gradual change from simple to complex forms of the Cambrian period.

The above facts are in complete harmony with the creation model where a great variety of highly complex form of plants and animals, with no ancestral forms, are to be expected. And this is verified. No transitional forms between major groups or phyla have been found.

Another problem is the supposed evolution of flight which is supposed to have evolved four times separately and independently - in insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles, each requiring many millions of years. Innumerable transitional forms would have been involved in each case, yet not a single case can be produced.

The conclusion is that the creation postulate is more scientific by virtue of the harmony of scientific evidence with predictions of the creation model.

To present evolution as fact, excluding the concept of special creation, constitutes indoctrination in a state religion. To restrict the teaching concerning origins to a single theory (organic evolution) violates the Constitutional prohibition against the teaching of sectarian religious views. No educator has the right to impose his beliefs on any student in the public school. Both concepts of origins must be presented equally and objectively, or neither should be taught. This is the purpose of House Bill 1021 in the Washington legislature.

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