Medical Ethics and Halacha

ASSIA - A Journal of Jewish Medical Ethics and Halacha (24 articles)
Physicians' Strikes And Jewish Law \ Fred Rosner
Payment For Healing On The Sabbath \ Fred Rosner
living with pain whose body? \ Rabbi Alfred Cohen
Tumtum and Androgynous \ Rabbi Alfred Cohen
The Use of Hearing Aids on Shabbat \ Rabbi Elysha Sandler
May A Doctor Refuse to See Patients? \ Rabbi Avrohom Blaives
Tubal Ligation and the Prohibition of Sirus \ Shaul Weinreb

 Rabbi Shabtai A. Rappoport
The Deceased, the Family and Organ Donation
Life of The Newborn
Alternative Logic
Information and Independence
Whose Child, What Faith?
Danger and Responsibility
Politics and Justice of Public Spending

 Richard V. Grazi and Joel B. Wolowelsky
Donor Gametes in Halakhah
Parenthood from the Grave
Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction and Disposal of Untransplanted
Embryos in Contemporary Jewish Law and Ethics

On Cloning
Rabbinic Counselling for Infertile Couples
Genetic Screening and Preimplantation Sex Selection in Halakhah
New Ethical Issues in Infertility Therapy
Posthumous Use of Cryropreserved Sperm
On Foetal Ovary Transplants
Initial Religious Counseling for a Male Orthodox Adolescent Homosexual \
Joel B. Wolowelsky and Bernard L. Weinstein

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