TEN DA'At - A Journal of Jewish Education

The Halacha Corner - Moshe Bleich:
Appointing Students as Mentors
A School's Liability for a Student's Injury
Addressing a Teacher by Name

So What!?!": Talmud Study Through Values Analysis \ Scot A. Berman
Miracles and Morals: Choices in Educational Storytelling \ Yitzhak Blau
Jewish education in America Today \ Alice Goldstein & Sylvia Barack
Teaching Religious Zionism in a Yeshiva High School \ Yotav Eliach
"IN THE KING'S PRESENCE" TEACHING FOR TEFILLAH: A Communal Responsibility \ Wallace Greene
Transitions in the Life of an Educator \ Zvi Grumet
Teaching Mishnah: Problems and Methods \ Joseph Heinemann
BEYOND PARSHANUT: Using Midrash to Enhance the Teaching of Values \ Nathaniel Helfgot
Children's Artwork: To Whom Does It Belong? \ Howard Jachter
Ve-Dibabarta Bam: An Approach to Teaching Mishnah \ Ira S. Kosowsky
The Dual Identity of Jews \ Menahem Meier
The Significance of the Flood Story: On Restoring Wonderment \ Dov Landau
Women's Prayer Groups \ Sidney Langer
Teaching Mishnah: A Curriculum for Masekhet Sanhedrin \ Zev Silver
Discovering the Biblical Value of Human Life: A High-School Tanakh Lesson,
utilizing Active Learning \ Moshe Sokolow

Teaching Evolution in Yeshiva High School \ Joel Wolowelsky